Our Classes


Personal Training

We offer Personal Training in all areas of fitness and can incorporate any of these to enhance your workout.



The Urban Rebounding programme is a safe, effective style of aerobic exercise. Performed on a mini trampoline or rebounder. It provides a surprisingly challenging cardiovascular workout, without excess stress on the heart, muscles or joints. So it is suitable for all fitness levels and ages. It is extremely good fun and puts smiles on faces!



A combination of Yoga and Pilates based exercise to achieve flexibility, strength, balance, tone & posture improvement. A great way to define your shape and aid your core.



A body conditioning technique designed to stretch, strengthen & balance the body. It targets deep postural muscles through a series of gentle, controlled movements. Highly effective for improving posture, flexibility and tone.



A fun workout to music, combining low and high impact moves to ensure you can work to your own ability. This class aims to improve your cardiovascular fitness, as well as burning body fat.



A dynamic aerobic warmup, followed by strength and endurance exercises that challenge the entire body, using both your own body weight and/or equipment. A class that will leave you feeling toned all over.


Circuit Training

This class uses a range of stations in rapid succession to help strengthen the body and achieve cardio fitness.


Fitness Hula Hooping

It's a fun and easy way to work your core muscles, slim down your waist and tone up your abs.


Total Body Stretch

This class aims to improve your overall flexibility, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Relaxing and stress free.


Abs & Back

A core based class that involves all of your abdominal and back muscles.



Bring the performer out in you!! We offer different varieties of dance classes from beginners salsa to fitness cheerleading and much more. A fun way to exercise and socialise.


Combat Fitness

Punch and kick your way to fitness using moves from non-contact martial arts. Develop your techniques whilst interval training to release stress and improve fitness.


Fitball/Core Stability Ball

A total body conditioning class using a ball to help improve functional strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility.



Each session involves fat burning, toning, strength, endurance and flexibility exercises. A total body workout suitable for all levels. 



(Vikki is a very experienced Aqua trainer, currently these sessions can only be provided to clients with access to swimming pool facilities.)

Experience the benefits of a water workout. These low impact workouts combine cardiovascular and strengthening excercises for the whole body. Classes are suitable for all, including non-swimmers.


Indoor Cycling

(Vikki is also an experienced Indoor Cycling trainer, currently these sessions can only be provided to clients with access to spin cycles).

A cardio class without comparison. This intense class offers a unique aerobic challenge for even the fittest individual. Based on a fixed wheel stationary bike, the instructor will guide you through a motivating fitness experience, pushing your fat burning and fitness levels to the limit!